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In exchange of a donation for $30/requested song, I am able to create a "pack" that contains:


1 x Sheet music in PDF Transcribed by me (my version)

1 x Avid Scorch File for use with an Apple iPad

1 x Avid Scorch Web File for use with an Internet browser (free plug-in required)

1 x Midi File to use in your choice of MIDI programs

1 x Information document


Includes FREE updates to scores that I amend. An email will be sent to your email for the ability to download a new version when available.



Have a look at the  linked document below, for an overview of songs that have not yet been completed. Decide on which song you would like.




Requests can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the arrangement. If you are in a hurry and require something urgent please email me first before ordering so i can provide a better estimate. Sometimes request take longer due to working on other request. If you would like a song that is not on my list, please also email me first to check whether I am able to do your request.




Click on the donate button below and be sure to either place a message on the order stating your request, OR/AND email me to let me know you have donated and the name of the song you would like.


I generally respond to all order inquiries with 24 hours. Taking into consideration I live in Australia and therefore I am normally awake when the rest of the world is asleep. note: donations are taken as a token for the time it takes to produce or interpret my own version of the request. I do not own the original song or the sheet music of the original artist.

Note: i will be overseas (unavailable) between March 10th 2017, and April 10th 2017. All requests will be processed when i return. I will process any other requests prior.

I would like to request:

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